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My name is Sima it means "Thanks" in Swahili (East African language), and "Listener" in Scottish. I was born in the US and raised in West Africa (Guinea). I moved back to the US in 1997 to further my studies. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I was placed in a foster-home, which is where I immediately noticed the declining hope, confidence and ambition of my fellow foster siblings. This experience helped me decide and set my mind on helping to change people's distorted thinking patterns so they can live healthier lives. My goal is to help as many individuals and families as possible. I have dedicated my future to doing just that. One of Sima's most unique attributes is her multicultural background and speaks English, French, Susu, Malenke/Mandinka and Kpele.


My experiences as a mental health therapist, social worker, life coach and client advocate, I have developed a unique ability to engage and develop trust with clients, which allows them to be comfortable and open up to me, and most importantly to themselves. This ability facilitates change and the adaptation process.  While working with clients, I use my own experiences to relate to them and assist them in unraveling and identifying their own coping mechanism.


My experiences has taught me how essential "Self-Confidence" is to living a productive life. It is what I had as a child and what I continue to have now as an adult. Through years of multiples crisis, life events and obstacles, self –confidence and resilience enabled me to overcome my challenges.  I have helped clients, friends and families throughout my life. Now, I am ready to extend my assistance to my community.


 I have trained, advocated and coached the underserved, the mentally ill, troubled teenagers, mothers etc... I notice that they all have one thing in common, which is "The need to be heard and understood". My listening skills and ability to empathize allows me to do just that.   When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my children, talking to my family and friends and I love traveling.

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