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Questions / Answers

How does coaching work?


I make an initial appointment which is either by telephone or in-person to discuss what it is that you'd like to achieve during the coaching relationship. If you decide that I'm the right person to work with, you choose a package that will works for you. From there, I schedule your appointments, usually weekly to begin with then we you gradually move to monthly. You get to choose what you want to work on in each session and I will provide you with tasks to complete between appointments and finally, you will graduate. :-)


Most people think coaching is about goal setting . However, while goal setting is an important part of the process, it's not the only thing I focus on. I will help you develop self awareness , self acceptance, build your confidence and illuminate your true desires in life, making challenges in your life more manageable. 


Isn't coaching all a bit too much and how are you different from other coaches? 


My coaching style is straight forward, there is no beating around the bushes, I use a result oriented approach.  I tend to attract clients who wouldn't usually be drawn to coaching. My client tell me that working with me motivates them to create change in their lives. I will work with you to help you discover your strengths and use it to your advantage. Together we will work on creating a life plan by prioritizing your goals and planing steps that will help you to achieve your dreams. Everyone works at their pace, and change can sometimes take time. I  work with you at your pace. 


Furthermore, I will challenge you occasionally. I will listen and empathize with you while pointing out possible barriers. My aim is to create a space where you feel completely supported and understood but, at the same time one where you can start to imagine, see, and create a fulfilling life. 


What do you cover in a consultation session?


I will ask you about what your most important objective for the coaching is and get to know a little about your concerns so we can both determine if I am the right coach to work with you. I will also give you a few ideas on how I might be able to help you. then, we schedule a session and begin working on your success. 


How will I know if you're the right coach for me?


The  most important factor in a coaching relationship is for you and your coach to connect. The best way to find out if I am the right coach is to have an introductory session with me.  I myself, only work with clients I believe I can help. if at anytime i feel i am not the right fit for you, I will inform you and do my best to refer you to someone who can help.


How soon can I see you? 


I will give you the next available opening in my schedule. 

I keep my coaching practice small and specialized. Which sometime makes my appointment slots . But, I will do my best to accommodate you.


Is coaching expensive?


Compared to other coaches's fee, I consider my fees very affordable. And the reason for that is because, I want my client to be comfortable and focus on goals and concerned, not the fees.

 One of my key points of difference is that I teach you how to "self coach" so that once you complete a program. You can confidently handle you concerns on your own.


I'm not sure if I need personal, business or career coaching. How do I decide? 


The truth is you don't really need to choose. I will conduct a complete needs assessment. Which will determine your focused area then, we will go from there.


I have a chronic illness and feel there is no need for me to pursue any goals. Can you help me with that?


Absolutely. This is an area I specialize in. I have extensive experience helping people get back on their feet and it's something I am passionate about. Before I started my coaching business , I worked as a Mental health counselor and a case manager for several  years.  i take pride on helping people overcome fear.


Do you only coach in NYC?


No, I coach from all over the USA. However, i reside in NYC, so I can only do telephone coaching if my client live in a different state.


I'm not sure about telephone coaching. Is it really as effective as face to face coaching?


I was skeptical about coaching over the phone. It's surprising how effective telephone coaching can be. In some cases, client actually prefer coaching over the phone . You decide how you want to be coached.


Where do you see your clients for in-person sessions?


Since I am still working on opening my office, I meet with clients in  quiet areas such as a library.  


How long do people generally continue with coaching?

Most people find that six sessions is the minimum but you're very welcome to begin with three and request for more sessions if you feel you need more support.  Please keep in mind that, change doesn't occur overnight.


 Some clients continue indefinitely, making regular monthly or weekly appointment. 


What can I expect of the coaching process?


The coaching process is characterised by a few things. Coaching will provide you with a supportive and non-judgemental space for you to discuss whatever is important to you. Coaching is a solution not a problem. Which means we won't spend lots of time trying to make sense of why things are the way that they are, we will be working on what you can do to fix your concerns.

You won’t be advised to act in a different way or switch goals, the choices is yours. However, you will be asked questions throughout sessions to encourage you to think outside the box , be open-minded and allow new opportunities in. I am willing to brainstorm with you when you are stuck and I will keep you accountable for doing the things you say you are going to do.


Coaching gives you a positive, validating, supportive experience. You will leave feeling clearer about your direction, confident of your ability to succeed and you will have a greater degree of self awareness.


What are your ethical standards?


Coaches accord appropriate respect to the fundamental rights, dignity, and worth of all people. They respect the rights of individuals to privacy, confidentiality, self-determination, and autonomy, mindful that legal and other obligations may lead to inconsistency and conflict with the exercise of these rights. Coaches are aware of cultural, individual, and role differences, including those due to age, gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, language, and socioeconomic status.


Can I get more information?


To arrange an appointment or for further information, please contact us. 


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