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Mission Statement for Sima Can Help LLC.

At Sima Can Help we believe that you deserve to live a healthy and well-rounded life. Our mission is to provide individualized treatment using a customized approach, as we believe everyone is unique. We uplift lives by eliminating barriers and making resources accessible to the marginalized.


My Philosophy

Success is the ability to go from failure to achievement

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Empowered & Happy

Under the mask of the joyful life you portray lies a bunch of muddy stuff. You work hard at your job but you feel stuck.


Physicians at Montefiore

Physicians at Balm of Gilead Medical Office

HIV/Hepatitis B/C Specialists

NYC Department of Social Services

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  Overwhelmed & Stressed


   My goal is to empower my clients using a               result-oriented strategy while guiding them             through mental independence. 

Rewarding Results

Our Services

An organized lifestyle makes you feel good.

Meditation by the Sea

  • I assist with the many stresses of relocation and adjustment to a new culture and social environment.

  • Taking the time to listen and understand my client's needs and values and work on discovering new tactics that they can practice to bring back balance into their daily life.

  • Help my clients who are struggling with depression, anger, stress, or anxiety.

  • The Composition of choosing a myriad of valued tools and exercises that can help individuals work on themselves emotionally and spiritually.

  • I Link clients to programs that help with housing.

  • I assist with applying for and obtaining necessary documents, e.g., Social security and health insurance.

  • I assist with contacting and connecting you with schools or daycare centers for your children and

  • I help to provide child welfare for the protection of children.

  • I Refer clients for free English classes.

  • I refer clients to various professional programs.

  • I also provide job searching assistance.

Start Building
the life you want.

Sima has a passion for overall health and wellness, which is easily identified in her clinical approach, encompassing mindfulness and cognitive strategies to lead her clients on a path to achieve wellness.

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I know the first step is usually the hardest. I can assure you once you reach out to me, I’ll do the rest of the leg work – calling you back, obtaining your information, & getting you an appointment.